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The UK has long been in the forefront when it comes to high-quality education. Universities and colleges here have acquired global recognition for academic excellence. The whole experience of studying in the UK has been enhanced by endless  sceneries and fantastic destinations to explore. With that in mind, it may be challenging to decide on the best schools to enroll for certain courses: the pool from which to choose is too large!

Medicine, law and engineering courses get quite a good number of applications. However, languages have also been capturing many people’s hearts. They say the future is for those who speak many languages. Found in Belfast, Ireland are some of the most exciting language schools to fly you to the future.

1. Totally English

This institution teaches students to communicate  in English. The curriculum integrates business studies with English training. Basically, students get to learn English and business in the course of their training in their fields of interest. The immersion courses vary depending on duration. Study trips are conducted weekly to facilitate rigorous immersion. 

Totally English provides transport to and from the airport, and accommodation as fits the student’s needs. English training is intensively carried out with a goal of achieving fluency. The highly qualified teachers use similar techniques such as roleplaying and supervised reading and writing sessions. All the faculty members have business-related backgrounds which is relevant in the integrative teaching curriculum. 

2. Queen’s University Belfast

Established in 1845, this multicultural institution provides a wide range of courses to pursue. Our main focus shifts to its English program. The school comprises of students from over 75 countries worldwide, necessitating a robust English course.  Given the high foreign population, the school also functions as a language examination center. Students get a chance to historically and culturally analyze the English language. 

QUB Language Centre also offers other language courses. Students can learn Irish, Portuguese, French and/or Spanish. All these are in undergraduate programs, though the school also offers Masters and Ph.D. programs. The high student body population creates a community atmosphere where students learn together. Conversations in the various languages are made easier hence the learning process is rapid. 

3. International House Belfast 

As the name suggests, this institution welcomes students from across the globe. It specializes as an English language school with impressive accreditation. The English courses available are structured to meet each individual student’s needs. Students looking to improve their skills in English speaking or writing all get a chance to fulfill that goal. International House also acknowledges potential teachers. 

This program focuses on training students to become teachers by taking them through the TEFL course. The intensive course ran for four weeks, enables graduates to earn the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, CELTA. Local cultural festivals are hosted to complete the immersion experience. 

4. Eden Language School Belfast

Getting a chance to choose a language to study often compromises the school of choice. That’s not the case here. Eden Language School offers not one, not two but twelve foreign languages for study. The quality of education provided is as good as the pool of choice available. English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese are among the many languages available for study. The courses offered are for spoken languages aimed at achieving fluency and confidence in communication.

Children also get a chance to enhance their skills in English as the school provides a special children’s course. The Callan method, known for its effective and fast teaching technique, is applied in teaching English. Students hence get a chance to study English faster than usual and can apply for other languages. 

5. The London Language Foundation

English is the primary study focus. The school has committed its resources to providing students with thorough training courses. Students are given the freedom to choose their preferred mode of study. One on one or group studying are the most common practices to achieve individual excellence. The flexible teaching routine enables students to achieve confidence and fluency in communicating in English. 

Since most of the students are English speakers seeking to improve their skills and knowledge, personalized training is the most practised. This enables them to achieve their goals with the duration they are most comfortable with. Educamia thrives on its ability to meet the requirements of the students. 


Whether it’s English, French, Chinese or Russian you’re interested in studying, the aforementioned schools give you a chance to fulfill that passion. Their location in Belfast adds to the excitement of the learning experience. Much as there are hundreds of other language schools, there couldn’t be a better starting point. It’s a high time we value the essence of understanding each other through the languages we speak. 

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